Cut for Evans

So I always loved the cut for evans range at Evans never thought id be brave enough to wear any of bright and colour items. So I bought an amazing dress from the range which I am in love with!


So I wore this amazing colourful dress casual the other day. I will wear it with heels soon but here I wore with black leggings, black boots and black biker jacket with my favourite grey beanie, luckily I did as I ended up getting soaked by the morning rain on the walk to work. I just didnt care because I felt bright in this dress like I was the sun walking about the streets. Was a nice feeling!


This was me at work after I fully dried…was happy to see my mums dog Maisie and felt alot warmer hehe. This cut for evans dress really brings the colour out in everything. I love how its so versatile! Theirs not many outrageously funky pieces out in the shops that you can pull of as a casual outfit aswell as an evening outfit. I find the great thing about the cut for evans pieces is that any thing will go with them any colour of bag or clutch, shoes or jewellery. I can wear this dress in so many ways ill never really run out of options. Totally digging this range!


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