1st Blog

Hey guys! So im new to blogging and will try and post as often as possible.I have read a few good blogs online and have always wondered what it would be like to be a plus size blogger & model. Id love to be a model so will do that for all of you on my blog, hopefully a role model more than anything hehe. I would love to change the world and stop all bullying and the way people think towards larger people but that wont happen overnight. Yes it is slowly becoming a better world for us plus size girlies with curvy women becoming models, shops expanding to bigger sizes etc and thats great. I would like to show people that just because your curvy, big, large, fat or even skinny…you can look gorgeous! It just takes a little time to tell yourself that you, yes YOU are beautiful and once you realise this you will become happy in every thing you do. I hope to show you all my favourite outfits, blogs on my views and about certain fashion finds and also how being plus size in my world effects me. Take a look at A Little About Me


2 thoughts on “1st Blog

  1. Meggie my dear you’ve always been an inspiration to others as well as myself… I started out with little knowledge of fashion but you’ve given me guidance and support. You enabled me in my journey to being a curvaceous large woman that I am proud of ❤️ Thank you

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