Recent Buys

Very excited about my very summery buys this weekend which will be posting photos of them on when I wear them. So I decided to head into the nearest city met my cousin, had a spot of lunch and hit the shops. Ovcourse where I am in Inverness there arent many shops which do plus size clothing and I will express my views on this in my next post. So heres my buys from saturday….


Top left – Primark open back top
Middle left – Primark Pastel Swing dress
Bottom left – Topshop Freedom Hoops
Bottom middle – Next Black Swing Vest
Bottom right – Primark Pumps, Necklace and hoop earrings
Top middle – Primark Kitten slingbacks
Top right – Primark Floral Swing Dress

These are my favourite buys in a long time, really feel summer is coming when I see pastels and floral patterns in the shops! I always feel so romantic in pastels and florals really bring a smile to my face especially on a miserable rainy day. Primark really surprised me this weekend it looked so full of life I knew I wouldnt be walking out empty handed.


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