Hard To Find

So I wanted to say a quick but important note on how easy/hard it is for me to go shopping, find a size 20/22 and be able to try it on. Dont these retailers know how important it is for us curvy girls to feel good? I used to think that because I was a size 22 and fat I had to make more an effort to look good so people wouldnt be nasty about my weight or comment on the way I lived and dressed. Now that ive grown to love myself from the inside out I dont care what other people think of me or what they might say if I have a few lumps or bumps showing through my very fashionable clothes hehe. We were all put on this earth to be who we want to be there are so many oppurtunities but most of all dont be frightened to be yourself, to be happy and to be confident! So im slowly going off topic now… So I went into inverness my nearest city saturday just passed and I realised there was really only a handfull of shops that cater to my size:

Marks & Spencer
Dorothy Perkins

Although ive said quite a few there are only a few I would actually go into and buy from. I find some shops do sell plus size clothing but dont cater to all ages. I find some are quite old fashioned and I dont mean in a fashionable back to.the 60s trend kind of way. Although I must say most places are getting extremely brave with some of their patterns and style which is very exciting! Im still in love with the Cut for Evans Range! More and more ranges are coming out and catching my eye and ill be happy to show you all.


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